To have it clear!


  • DWL Masters is an invitation only tournament. The participating teams will be invited by the DWL.
  • DWL Open is an open cup, anyone can register.
  • The same rules apply to both leagues.
  • Servers allowed for EU: Frankfurt, London, Rotterdam and Warsaw.
  • Servers allowed for NA: Ashburn, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Santa Clara and Seattle.
  • The teams should select the server with the lowest ping average amongst the players participating in the match.
  • Abusive behavior towards an admin, staff member or an opponent, both during a match or outside the matches, can be punished by the DWL with a temporary or permanent ban from the cup to either the offending players or the entire team.
  • Offensive behavior towards an admin, staff member or an opponent, both during a match and outside matches, may be punished by the DWL with a temporary or permanent ban of the offending player or the entire team for the Cup.
  • Consequences for non-compliance with the rules can lead to defeats or even suspension of players or an entire team.
  • All teams that officially register for the cup automatically give their consent for the games to be broadcasted or published in other social media and assign all further rights to the footage to DW League.

Cup Layout

  • The Teams in each group play each other in consecutive match weeks.
  • The 4 highest ranked teams of each group advance to playoffs.
  • The tournament tree for the playoffs is:


  • An admin and/or a staff member ensures the game is played according to the rules.
  • If an admin and/or a staff member is not available for the game, the team captains ensure that the match is played according to the rules. Make sure to keep logs/screenshots of what is being said on Discord or on the server.
  • If a team breaks a rule (e.g. uses an ineligible player) without the DWL noticing, then the full responsibility lies on the team and the punishment can go from a ban to losing points, depending on how serious the transgression was.


Teams and Players

  • A team that withdraws from a running Cup without agreement will be excluded from the next season.
  • Players must always be easily recognizable for admins and spectators. We suggest that players wear the clantag+nick in Discord and ingame.
  • Teams can only play with players that are registered with the team.
  • Players can only play in one team and one league.
  • Teams need at least a minimum of 4 players to signup, however it’s encouraged to have one or two subs for easier match scheduling.
  • A team can only play with players that are registered before the signup deadline. After the deadline teams cannot add or signup any new players until the following season. Within the signup period, teams can still add players that are yet to be signed. However, teams cannot add players that were already signed by a team. When a player is registered by a team, he is signed for that team for the whole season and can only join anyone else when the next league season starts. Anything else requires special permission from the admins.
  • All results have to be reported same day by the teams to the DWL in Discord by a player from the winning team.

Server Settings

  • Default Wipeout settings as shown below:

Match Rules – general

  • The games are played 4 against 4. The appearance of less than 4 players is equivalent to a no-show and therefore a forfeit/defeat.
  • The map pool is: Wellspring, Furnace, Toya Fortress, Sunken, Morpheus, Prod, Ancient, Arcol and Habibi.
  • All players are forced to use Discord Voice Communication in the DWL Channel for the matches.
    • If the game is being streamed, the caster will have permission to join team voice comms unless a team denies them permission prior to game start.

Match Rules – group stage

  • A match always consists of three maps being played.
  • Each map victory earns the winning team 1 point (the maximum that a team can score in a match is 3 points).
  • Map selection for the Group Stage:
  1. Coin toss (CT) who starts, one of the captains has to type !cointoss in the #match-lobby channel for the league they are playing in.
  2. Loser of CT Bans / BAN
  3. Winner of CT Bans / BAN
  4. Winner of CT Picks / PICK
  5. Loser of CT Picks / PICK
  6. Loser of CT Bans / BAN
  7. Winner of CT Bans / BAN
  8. Loser of CT Bans / BAN
  9. Winner of CT Bans / BAN
  10. The remaining map of the pool will be played as the 3rd Map.
  • A team forfeiting a group match for the second time without good reason will be eliminated from the Cup.
  • If a team is eliminated from the Cup after qualifying for the playoffs, it may be replaced by the team ranked below it in its group.
  • The teams are listed in the order of their accumulated points. If two teams have the same number of points, the following points decide the order: 1. total number of wins, 2. result of the match between the two teams.

Match Rules – playoff matches

  • A play-off match is played as a best of 5 maps. Cointoss winner will decide the way maps are picked – they chose to be Team A or Team B.
  • Map selection in Playoffs:
  1. Team A / BAN
  2. Team B / BAN
  3. Team A / PICK
  4. Team B / PICK
  5. Team A / PICK
  6. Team B / PICK
  7. Team A / BAN
  8. Team B / BAN
  9. Remaining Map will be played as 5th Map

Match Rules – Grand Final

  • Grand Final is played as a best of 7 with a 1-0 score advantage to the upper bracket winners.
  • Map selection in Grand Final:
  1. Upper bracket winners Bans / BAN
  2. Lower bracket winners Picks / PICK
  3. Upper bracket winners Picks / PICK
  4. Lower bracket winners Picks / PICK
  5. Upper bracket winners Picks / PICK
  6. Lower bracket winners Picks / PICK
  7. Lower bracket winners Bans / BAN
  8. Upper bracket winners Bans / BAN
  9. Remaining Map will be played as 6th Map


  • A predefined schedule determines which match must be played in which week. Group matches are to be played in the week specified by the schedule.
  • The exact match date and time must be arranged by the team captains before the Sunday of the coming match week. The exact scheduling deadline is Saturday midnight CET.
  • When the match is scheduled, write it down in the league channel in Discord and tag @Staff / @Staff NA so they get notified.
    • example:  Masters round 3: epic llamas vs +forward scheduled Friday October 8th 20:00 CET @Staff
  • If the teams have still not managed to schedule the match by midnight CET on Saturday, the following procedure will be followed:
  • Both teams have the opportunity to contact the league by 10pm CET on Sunday, explaining what the problem is and providing any dates and times (during the match week) when they can play.
  • On Sunday evening after 10pm CET, the league will schedule all matches not scheduled by the teams themselves considering the Information of 4.
  • If no information is sent by the teams, the league will set a match date.

Before the Match

  • Meeting on Discord before the match:
  • Meeting & Deadline time = 30 minutes before starting time.
  • Starting time = the scheduled starting time of the match.
  • The teams and the admins gather on the match channel (Discord DWL). No other channel may be used.
  • All players must be present before the meeting time. Once players have shown their presence, they are free to reboot. Faking a player’s presence by making someone else pose as him will result in a forfeit loss.
  • A team is fully present at the time all of its players who will play in the match are present.
  • Map Pick/Ban
  • The selection process for the maps of a match has to be completed 10 min before the start. The selected/banned maps will be reported to the provided Discord Channel by the Team Captains.
  • Server Location
  • The agreed server location will be reported to the provided Discord Channel by the Team Captains.

Match proceedings

  • No Spectators are allowed except League Admins and Streamers.
  • Teams can switch team players after a map is played.
  • If you stream the game you should have at least a 30 seconds delay.
  • The match admin will pause the match whenever a player overflows or crashes. The pause may last no longer than 5 minutes.
  • Players are allowed to pause themselves in case of visible technical problems of a player. Tactical time-outs are not allowed. Problems with a voice communication program being used are no valid reasons to pause a match.
  • The break between maps will be exactly 10 minutes unless the teams ready up themselves. The match admin may force the map start if players don’t ready up in time.
  • If the server crashes during a match, the actual scores will be used for the results, not the playing rounds. (i.e. It’s 1:1 and Team A is Playing Team B in Round 3. After the Crash it is 1:1 and Teams are go on playing.)

After the Match

  • The match result has to be reported by the captain or a player from the winning team. Send the results in a post and tag @Staff or @Staff NA in your league’s channel in Discord. The post also needs to include match id’s from all the maps played.
    • Example:
    • @Staff Masters round 3: GOLDEN GLOBE! vs Ski or Die 3:0
      Wellspring 4:0
      Furnace 4:0
      Sunken 4:2
  • How to find match id’s?
    • Go to your match history, click on the match you just played, and in the upper right corner you have the option to copy match id.


  • Is not allowed.